POSEIDON objectives

The main goal of POSEIDON is to monitor wide maritime areas in order to detect sea debris and oil spills all weather-all day. This goal is tackled by using an innovative sensor combination to overcome the limits of the current systems. In fact, POSEIDON aims at studying and developing a compact multisensor system carried on small/medium UAVs which integrates Ku-band polarimetric radar sensors and EO/IR cameras to maximize detection performances.

To reach this main goal, the project aims to reach the following specific objectives:

  1. Study and definition of the architecture of a UAV-borne multisensor system for sea debris and oil spill detection.
  2. Development of the signal/image/data processing algorithms for a joint use of the Ku-band polarimetric radar and the EO/IR cameras for sea state monitoring and sea debris and oil slicks detection.
  3. Experimental validation via measurement campaigns with a system set up made by existing sensors.